Contract for Phase 2 of the redevelopment of Bowen Hospital

Published: 03 Dec 2010

Construction of the first phase of the Bowen redevelopment, involving new radiology, endoscopy and consulting facilities, additional parking and a new services block for the Hospital, is on track for scheduled completion by the end of this month.

Wakefield can now confirm that it has awarded a further contract to Mainzeal Property & Construction Limited to complete phase two of the project, which will commence immediately on completion of phase one.

The second phase of the project involves the construction of a new theatre suite, recovery unit, sterilising department and admissions facility. The theatre suite will provide the capacity for up to five theatres, though only three will be initially commissioned in line with existing capacity. The total budget for phase two of the project is approximately $16m.

Wakefield Health’s Chairman Alan Isaac said that “we are very pleased with the timely completion of phase one of the redevelopment and look forward to the imminent opening of the new Bowen Centre and the excellent facilities that it will provide to our specialists and their patients. The theatre redevelopment will furtherraise the bar, providing state of the art clinical facilities and an excellent patient flow through the hospital. The redevelopment at Bowen is further tangible evidence of Wakefield Health’s commitment to provide market-leading facilities at its hospitals, and our belief in the future growth in demand for quality private hospital facilities”.