Ophthalmology Update for OPTOMETRISTS

14th Mar 2018 6:30pm-8:30pm at Royston Hospital Seminar Rooms

Session 1: Angling for Information: The Rewards of Gonioscopy

Presented by Dr. John Beaumont

Gonioscopy is the imaging of the angle of the anterior chamber. The morphology of the angle is important as risk determent for angle closure glaucoma. Developmental and acquired pathology is also significant both in the diagnosis of glaucoma and other ocular conditions. Recent developments in anterior segment imaging have led to improved understanding of the dynamics of the anterior chamber angle. Gonioscopy contributes to the diagnosis of neoplasia in the anterior chamber and although uncommon early detection is important.

 Learning Outcomes

  1. An improved performance of gonioscopy.
  2. An improved understanding of the angle of the anterior chamber, methods of description, and relationship with angle closure glaucoma.
  3. Improved recognition of pathology of the iris.

Session 2: An update on Medical and Surgical Retinal Therapy: Exploring the Bottom of the Iceberg

Presented by Dr. Ewan Fraser

A presentation of new advances in the management of diabetic eye disease, age related macular degeneration and new surgical retinal techniques. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand methods of diagnosis of retinal disease in primary care.
  2. To discuss urgent vs non urgent presentations of disease.
  3. To explore treatments of retinal disease in a hospital setting.


6:00 pm Registration and Refreshments
6:30 pm Start of Session 
8:30 pm End of Session

ODOB Credits

1.5 CD and 0.5 General Credits | Reference Number 3154


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