Holidays Act Remediation

Holidays Act Remediation Project - process for previous employees of Acurity Health Group Limited

We have become aware that over the time 1 April 2012 - 28 September 2018 our payroll system was not always compliant with the Holidays Act in how we processed public holidays, annual, alternate, sick and bereavement for employees. 

Not all employees who worked during the remediation period were underpaid, as their holiday pay was calculated at the correct or a higher rate. In these cases former employees will not receive a remediation payment. Acurity Health Group is not recovering any over payments as part of the remediation.

If you are a past employee of Acurity Health Group / or have power of attorney for a former employee or executor of a former employees estate and were / who was employed in the period from 1 April 2012 - 28 September 2018 and wish for us to review your eligibility for a payment, please download and complete the Acurity Holiday Act Remediation Application Form, along with the requested supporting documents, the IR330, KS2 (if applicable), proof of identification, and a bank confirmation slip / bank deposit slip, and return it to us at SG9saWRheXNBY3RAYWN1cml0eS5jby5ueg==

Proof of identification

Proof of identity must be either: birth certificate, passport, drivers licence, certificate of citizenship, NZ Visa. If your identity document has text on both sides you will need to scan and send both sides for it to be accepted.  

Check List

Before returning your application please ensure you have attached ALL required supporting documentation 

  • Proof of ID (refer to list above for acceptable forms of identification)
  • Completed Acurity Holiday Act Remediation Application Form
  • Bank Deposit Slip  
  • IR330
  • KS2 (if applicable)
  • Evidence of Power of Attorney Authority (if applicable)
  • Evidence of Executor of a Former Employees Estate (if applicable)